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Breast Cancer Awareness Promotion

AliGro loves boobies! We love boobies and the amazing women behind them so much that we designed an AliGro Planter to celebrate and inspire those who are suffering, surviving, or supporting those with breast cancer. Please let us help your fight and healing process by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to nominate yourself or a loved one for a free breast cancer awareness inspired AliGro Planter.† We will be giving away a planter every day throughout our Kickstarter campaign, so please share your stories with us. AliGro loves boobies…big or small, save them all!

† The Breast Cancer Awareness Promotion is subject to the Terms and Conditions published at

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86% of gardeners grow tomatoes – our AliGro Planter has a built-in collapsible tomato cage. That’s plant support on-call! If growing tomatoes, beans, tall standing herbs, and/or peppers, simply extend...

AliGro Planters appeal to both amateur gardeners (those who claim to kill everything they attempt to grow, which accounts for millions of us) and older experienced growers (who often travel...

The world is suffering from a drought of monumental proportions. AliGro Planters use up to 70% less water than traditional planter.