21 Duel Blackjack is played according to standard Blackjack

21 Duel BlackjackPlaytech (AIM:PTEC), the designer, developer and licensor of software for the gaming industry announces the addition of four new games to its casino games package.

The latest games release includes two exclusive to Playtech table games, 21 Duel Blackjack and Wild Viking, which are the first in a line of exclusive 7red games licensed from the 5th element company. The two additional games in the release, Forest of Wonders and Wanted, are first-class 25-line video slots games which continue Playtech’s tradition of frequently releasing high quality games that combine cutting-edge graphics with exciting bonus rounds and special features.

21 Duel Blackjack is played according to standard Blackjack rules with the exception of the communal cards, a concept that has both the player and the dealer basing their hand on the same two cards. Wild Viking combines the classic table games of Roulette and Poker with a variety of exciting new bet options like a special Wild Viking bet and a progressive side bet. Wild Viking also features Playtech’s first online interactive tutorial.

Forest of Wonders features a strong fantasy forest theme and includes two bonus rounds, one granting players free spins and the other letting players choose from forest-themed symbols to enhance their win. Wanted integrates a Wild West theme and features two bonus rounds, a Mini Bonus and a Shoot the Villain Bonus, both offering enhanced payouts. Each of these exciting new 5-reel 25-line video slots has incorporated the Dollar Ball progressive side bet into their interface.

Mor Weizer, Playtech CEO commented: “These new games reflect Playtech’s efforts to frequently release high quality games to our licensees. We are very excited that this release includes two exclusive to Playtech games as it provides our licensees with a distinct advantage over their competitors.”

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Playtech develops unified software platforms for the online gambling industry, primarily targeting existing online operators wanting to upgrade their system; sportsbooks looking to diversify and land-based operators making their online debut. Playtech gaming applications — online casino, poker, bingo, mobile gaming, live gaming, land-based kiosk networks and fixed-odds games — are fully intercompatible and can be freely incorporated as stand-alone applications, accessed and funded by players through the same user account and managed by the operator by means of a single powerful management interface. Founded in 1999, Playtech has over 500 personnel distributed globally, around eighty percent of whom are engaged in research and development of current and future gaming technologies.

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